Forced Amalgamation


"I do not support the amalgamation of Lane Cove with Hunters Hill and Ryde and the current proposed forced amalgamation in New South Wales generally because as a professional I do not believe that the NSW State Government has prosecuted a business case for the financial benefits of forced amalgamations in NSW and larger Councils create diseconomies of scale and lack of community representation." - Scott Bennison



The NSW State Government is proposing a forced merger or amalgamation of Lane Cove, Hunters Hill and Ryde councils into a mega council. 

Watch videos talking about the potential impact on rates and services by this forced merger and calls for people to sign the petition to prevent the forced merger. 

documents & reports

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Download KPMG – Option Analysis - Model Design Methodology Paper
(Draft Cabinet-in-confidence)

20 April 2016 - News article on 
Interim councillors all lined up - Reports suggest group of six to advise during amalgamation set before application deadline (PDF file)

15 April 2016 - News article on 
Council persists in merger fight - Lawyer will investigate possibility of ICAC battle (PDF file)

1 March 2016 - News article on The Weekly Times:
Lane Cove demands Baird release secret KPMG report on forced mergers (PDF file)

28 February 2016 - Scott Bennison's submission to Dr. Robert Lang regarding the Merger Proposal of Lane Cove Council with Hunters Hill and Ryde Councils (PDF file)

28 February 2016 - Lane Cove Council's Aboriginal Advisory Committee's submission to the Boundaries Commission on the impact to Aboriginal people and communities of proposed mergers of Lane Cove, Hunters Hill and Ryde Councils, and regional NSW (PDF file)

16 February 2016 - News article on The Weekly Times:
Lane Cove Mayor roasts Baird on Alan Jones 2GB program (PDF file)

10 February 2016 - Scott Bennison's letter to Reverend Fred Nile regarding reconvening of General Purpose Standing Committee No. 6 (PDF file)

9 February 2016 - News article on The Weekly Times:
A prominent local Aboriginal elder has called on the Baird Government to stop its proposed forced merger of Hunters Hill, Lane Cove and Ryde Councils (PDF file)

29 January 2016 - Scott Bennison's letter to Reverend Fred Nile regarding Private Members Bill and Order for Papers (PDF file)

22 January 2016 - News article on NewsLocal:
Meet the men who will guide your council's merger (PDF file)

18 November 2015 - Save Our Councils Public Rally (PDF file)

October 2015 - Local Government Report:
Recommendations & Findings (PDF file)

October 2015 - Local Government Report:
Assessment of Council Fit for the Future Proposals: Appendix C (PDF file)

31 July 2015 - Press release by Massey University:
Evaluating Auckland's amalgamation (PDF file)

29 July 2015 - News article on NewsLocal: 
Bid for regional authority - Councils say amalgamation costs outweighs benefits (PDF file)

30 June 2015 - Fit for our Future - Joint submission by City of Ryde, Hunters Hill Council and Lane Cove Council (PDF file)

26 June 2015 - News article on The Weekly Times:
Lane Cove opts to back Hunters Hill and Ryde (PDF file)

24 June 2015 - News article on The Weekly Times:
D-Day for Democracy & Local Government (PDF file)

5 June 2015 - News article on
Auckland's post-amalgamation blowout a warning for councils (PDF file)

24 April 2015 - A Regional Joint Organisation Structure for North Shore Councils (PDF file)

24 April 2015 - A Shared Services Centre Migration Plan for North Shore Councils (PDF file)

April 2015 - Compulsion versus a collaborative regional approach: An Empirical Analysis of Forced Amalgamation versus a Regional and Shared Services Approach (PDF file)

10 February 2015 - News article on ABC Perth:
Council merger process 'failed'; Premier Colin Barnett gave it 'best shot' (PDF file)

6 February 2015 - Draft Media Release:
Northern Sydney Mayors Reject State Government Proposals for Council Amalgamation (PDF file)

9 December 2014 - News article on
Rejecting mergers won't financially ruin councils, expert says (PDF file)

6 November 2014 - News article on Daily Liberal:
Council mergers not the answer: professor (PDF file)

4 November 2014 - News article on
Imagine there's no councils. It's easy if you try (PDF file)

26 June 2013 - News article on
Sunshine Coast to lose 100 jobs before Noosa split (PDF file)

12 February 2013 - News article on 
Amalgamation not the path to real reform (PDF file)

5 December 2012 - News article on
Push for 'super councils' to be run by executives (PDF file)

May 2011 - Moreton Bay Regional Council Report:
Analysis of Redcliffe De-Amalgamation Ratepayer Impacts (PDF file)

March 2010 - Working Paper Series:
Historical Evolution of Local Government Amalgamation in Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia (PDF file) 

June 2010 - Community blog article:
Amalgamation - the costly experiment that failed (PDF file)

18 August 2009 - Comprehensive review of (Dubbo City) council's future financial sustainability (PDF file)

Suggested provisions to give effect to certain recommendations contained in the report of the NSW Legislative Council General Purpose Standing Committee No. 6 (PDF file)

Critical Assessment of Proposed Merger (PDF file)

Dollery Recent Conference Papers (PDF file)

NSW Government Boundary Review (PDF file)

University of New England Report - Amalgamation and Financial Sustainability: Evidence from Sydney (PDF file)